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Seeds Of Change and New Growth


Melanie and ceramic artist Jitka Palmer worked with newly arrived women to create wonderful craft pieces as part of a six month arts project called 'Seeds of Change'. Colourful ceramic and printed metal flowers and seeds created a garden of flowers that expressed the value and joy of growth and new beginning.

Melanie led a project following on from this called 'New Growth' with artists Laura Macafferty and Natalie Cole, where textile and woodwork techniques were shared in the creation of self-portraits and a set of commissioned stools. Again seeds, flowers and plant like patterns were used to embellish the work and explore ideas around new beginnings and growth.

This project started at the Community Integration Partnership in Birmingham, a centre that supported and provided training for women from diverse countries who have come to Birmingham and was supported by Craftspace.

It was fantastic that the work was exhibited in the Craft Council's applied arts fair 'Origin' at Somerset House in London 2007 - the first time a community organisation had exhibited at the fair.