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I am passionate about creating visual narratives involving marginalized spaces and communities, both human and natural. I am fascinated by spaces which are often neglected, found hidden between urban and rural places, often overgrown yet full of life. Often people meet here, wildlife thrives and they are strange, fragile, magical corridors which can be seen as metaphors for transformation, changing identities, memory and experience. I observe and notice small details weaving true stories about these into elaborate and often complex sculptures. My intention is to honour the stories of the overlooked through making things that are full of emotion and vitality.

My creative process involves using original illustrations printed onto metal, often combining these with other materials or found objects. Multi-layered, detailed and colourful, my pieces can be seen as three-dimensional illuminated manuscripts. Documenting a moment in time they focus on a central narrative but also feature intriguing details in the margins or secrets such as handles which operate moving parts or hidden compartments.

Short Biography

Melanie trained in illustration at Birmingham School of Art. She works from her studio at home in Birmingham and also as an artist leading participatory projects. She has won several awards for her work and her sculptures can be found in collections in this country and abroad.